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Biorun solutions: the Best Way to Healthy Environemnt, Healthy Food & Healthy Body

Providing and guaranteeing the delivery of products to promote community health and efforts to improve consumer health indicators, individual development and empowerment of employees as the most valuable asset of the organization and recognizing it as a reputable, leading, accountable and committed to society is its most important task. After extensive research and innovation, the company has been working on producing knowledge-based products with brand name of BIORUN by expert and experienced personnel in various fields of environment, agriculture and veterinary. Moreover, by implementing a development program, human probiotics (medicinal and food supplements) will soon be introduced to the market.

Nature Biotechnology Company

Nature Biotechnology Company was established in Iran in 2000 in order to produce biological products. Since the beginning of 2005, it has started its production with Biorun brand. Together with continuous research and development in agricultural and animal probiotics, Biorun managed to produce fertilizers and biological pesticides for plant use and probiotics for livestock, poultry, aquatic animals and pets. ... .

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Nature Biotechnology Group Nature Biotechnology Group Nature Biotechnology Group Nature Biotechnology Group Nature Biotechnology Group

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