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Providing and guaranteeing the delivery of products to promote community health and efforts to improve consumer health indicators, individual development and empowerment of employees as the most valuable asset of the organization and recognizing it as a reputable, leading, accountable and committed to society is its most important task. After extensive research and innovation, the company has been working on producing knowledge-based products with brand name of BIORUN by expert and experienced personnel in various fields of environment, agriculture and veterinary. Moreover, by implementing a development program, human probiotics (medicinal and food supplements) will soon be introduced to the market.

Nature Biotechnology Company

The Knowledge-Based Nature Biotechnology Company (Biorun) was established in 2000 with indigenous knowledge with the aim of building the most modern biotechnology factory in Iran. Through the efforts of Iranian managers and engineers, they have completed their design and construction process. It was launched from the beginning of 2005. Based on its skilled team and expert in providing organic products and probiotics, Biorun has provided an efficient and effective solution to counteract the excessive consumption of synthetic and chemical materials in agriculture, animal husbandry and environment.

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Biorun products are nature-based and have useful and non-pathogen microorganisms, without any genetic manipulation. The high quality of Biorun’s products is guaranteed by the use of advanced fermentation technology and standard operating procedures, precise control during production and continuous monitoring of quality. Our company, with the motto of “healthy living experience”, has a determination to create jobs and use the power of Iranian experts in addition to efforts to protect the environment, food security and community health.


Field of Activity:

Biotechnology (production of biological products in the fields of environment, agriculture and animal husbandry)

Our Goals:

Extension the culture of coping with the excessive use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics in the agricultural, environmental and animal husbandry sectors of the country.


Improving the health and food security of the community.


Preserving and protecting the natural resources and the environment.

Knowledge-based Company

Registration of the company as a knowledge-based manufacturing company

Domestic and international licenses

Domestic and international licenses and certificates

Microbial Cell Bank

A comprehensive and unique microbial cell bank

Plant & Animal Probiotics

Domestic know-how in livestock and agricultural probiotics

Complete production process

Existence of a complete production process in the company from technical knowledge to the presentation of the prototype and the final product

Producing diverse products

Ability to produce products with various formulations such as solid, liquid, powder and granule

Food and Drug Supplements

Possibility to produce different types of products, including dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products

Simultaneous production capability

The possibility of simultaneous production of several different products

Fermentation capacity

Highest capacity in comparison with its rivals