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Product Name: HYPRO-LIFE

Drug Category: Probiotic

Drug form: Mixable powder in poultry feed

Target animal: Poultry

Bacillus subtilis

Carrier: Calcium carbonate

Total Count > 1×1012 CFU/Kg

500 g per ton of feed

Hypro-life contains spores of Bacillus subtilis which capable of producing a variety of digestive enzymes such as protease, amylase, lipase and beta-galactosidase. With this product, the digestibility of feed in the small intestine is increased, reducing the feed conversion ratio and increasing the efficiency of production, preventing the growth and proliferation of pathogenic bacteria through competitive elimination in the digestive tract.

Improved feed conversion rate (FCR)

Reduce antibiotic use in the flocks

Reduced mortality rate

The box contains two packs of 1kg aluminum foil pack.

5 kg vacuum aluminum foil pack.

5 kg polyethylene bucket.

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from exposure to direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

2 years from date of production.

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