Biorun bio-humic acid (WP)

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Bio-humic acid (WP)

Most of the arable and horticultural soils in Iran are facing with critical lack of organic matter and nutrient solubility. Biorun bio-humic acid by simultaneously using humic acid as a source of organic matter and chelating nutrients as well as growth-promoting bacteria (PGPRs) increases the solubility and absorption of nutrients and production of secondary metabolites that can be used effectively in the plant nutrient programs. The positive interaction between humic acid and PGPRs helps to improve soil fertility, root system development, and plant protection from a variety of stresses.

Bio-humic acid has a positive effect on plant growth and yield, not only through affecting the chemical and physical soil structure and microbial communities but also by increasing the plant-available nutrients. PGPRs, through a combination of biochemical activities such as phosphorus solubilization, enzymes, and secondary metabolite production, results in plant growth, yield improvement, and enhancing plant tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses.

  • Increases soil fertility and organic matter
  • Improves the activity of beneficial soil micro-organisms
  • Facilitates absorption of chelated elements around the roots
  • Improves rooting and plant growth
  • Increases germination of plant seeds
  • Reduces the negative effects of environmental stresses such as drought, salinity and frost damage

These are standard recommendations that can vary according to soil properties, cultivated crop, and local system conditions.

Plant Method of application Dose (kg) Descriptions
Greenhouses Seedling treatment 1 1 kg/100 L water as a soaking solution for 1 ha before transplanting
Irrigation 2 2 kg/ha during the cultivation cycle every 2 or 3 weeks
Crops Seed treatment 0.5-1.5 0.5-1.5 kg/100 kg seeds according to type and size of seeds
Tillering 1-2 1-2 kg/ha along with irrigation system
Heading 1-2 1-2 kg/ha along with irrigation system
Fruit and ornamental trees Irrigation 2-3 2-3 kg/ha with adequate volume of water, repeat every 2 or 3 weeks

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