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Biofarm (for horticulture)

Nitrogen (N) is the most important nutrient affecting growth and yield of agricultural crops. It is a major component of vitamins, enzymes, chlorophyll, nucleic acid, amino acids, etc. and plays important roles in cell division, growth of young tissues, flowering, and fruit set. A large part of chemical nitrogen fertilizers used in orchards is lost as nitrate through leaching, which leads concerns about environmental contamination. Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPRs) are a group of bacteria that actively colonize plant roots and improve plant growth and health. In most studied cases, the beneficial effects are provided by a variety of mechanisms including atmospheric nitrogen fixation, phytohormone production, phosphate solubilization, iron chlation, suppression of plant pathogenic organisms, and induction of resistance in host plants against plant pathogens and abiotic stresses. 

Biofarm is a biological fertilizer formulated based on several nitrogen fixing PGPRs, such as Azospirillum and Pseudomonas (2 × 107 CFU per mL). It is formulated as suspension concentrate (SC) and can be used either alone or in combination with manure, humic acid, or other fertilizers for any type of fruit and ornamental trees.  

  • Contributing towards reduction of the use of chemical N fertilizers in agriculture.
  • Decreasing the risk of above- and belowground water contamination due to nitrate leaching.
  • Improving soil structure and biodiversity with respect to biological activity of bacteria.
  • Providing a combination of benefits ranging from nutrient availability to increasing plant defense against abiotic and biotic stressful agents.

Biofarm can be used for sapling root inoculation at the time of transplantation or along with irrigation water (top-dressing) in different growth stages of trees.

Application method Application time How to use
Sapling root inoculation At the time of transplantation Mix 1 L of biofarm with 5 L water & put the sapling roots in the solution for 10 min.
Winter fertilization Late winter Make two holes (40 cm deep), under tree canopy containing 2 kg manure. Mix 1 L of biofarm with 50 L water & use 1 L of the solution for each hole.
Top-dressing Various growth stages

1- Mix 3-5 L of biofarm with appropriate volume of water & release uniformly in irrigation water for 1 ha.

2- For drip irrigation, add 1-3 L of biofarm to irrigation water for 1 ha.

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