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Nitrogen (N) is an important element for plant growth and productivity, as it is a core component of many plant structures such as amino acids, nucleic acid, and chlorophyll. Legume root-nodulating bacteria are known to enhance plant growth by biological nitrogen fixation beside other beneficial functions such as phytohormone and siderophore production. The Nature Biotechnology Company (Biorun) has developed a bio-fertilizer based on a potent nitrogen-fixing bacterium that is especially recommended for use in soybean cultivations.

Biosoy is a biological fertilizer formulated based on the potent plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), Bradyrhizobium japonicum. Different isolates of this bacterium are added to legume seeds to improve crop yield worldwide. Particularly, Biosoy is suitable as seed inoculant for soybean cultivations, even where the bacterium is not native. 

  • Contributing towards reduction of the use of chemical N fertilizers in agriculture.
  • Decreasing the risk of above- and belowground water contamination with nitrates.
  • Improving soil structure and biodiversity with respect to biological activity of bacteria.
  • Enhancing vegetative growth and crop yield.

For seed inoculation, mix 0.5 liter of Biosoy with 60-70 kg of soybean seeds at the time of sowing. Apart from seed inoculation with Biosoy, use 50 kg per ha. of nitrogen (urea) fertilizer at the time of sowing without further need to nitrogen fertilization during the entire growing season.

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