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Probio 96

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPRs) have been proved to improve plant growth and health either directly through provision of bioavailable phosphorus for plant uptake, nitrogen fixation, sequestration of iron for plants by siderophores, and production of plant hormones like auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins, or/and indirectly by antibiotic protection against pathogenic bacteria, reduction of iron available to phytopathogens in the rhizosphere, synthesis of fungal cell wall-lysing enzymes, and competition with detrimental microorganisms for sites on plant roots.

Probio 96 is a biological fertilizer formulated based on the potent PGPR, Bacillus subtilis. A large volume of studies on different species and isolates of Bacillus spp. indicate beneficial effects of these bacteria on suppression of several important plant pathogens and enhancement of plant growth and yield. Probio 96 can be used as seed, seedling or root inoculation or along with irrigation water for all types of crops including fruit and ornamental trees, field and greenhouse crops and vegetables.

  • Contributing towards reduction of the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.
  • Improving soil biodiversity and fertility in long-term scale.
  • No detrimental effects on non-target organisms, soil, below-ground water and environment.
  • Acting as both bio-fertilizer and bio-fungicide by a variety of mechanisms.

Probio 96 can be used for seed, seedling or sapling treatment or along with irrigated water at any growth stage of field and greenhouse crops, vegetables, as well as ornamental and fruit trees according to the following table.

Method of application Dose Descriptions
Seed inoculation for field crops 1-4 liter for 100 kg seeds Mix the recommended dose with 100 kg seeds at the time of sowing.
Seedling and sapling inoculation 3 liter per ha. Add the recommended dose to 100 liter of water and inoculate the seedling or sapling roots of 1 ha. in the solution for 15 min.
Top-dressing for field crops and trees 3-4 liter per ha. Mix the recommended dose with adequate volume of water and release uniformly in irrigation water for 1 ha.

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